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On 19.11.2013 David Campbell was able to complete a large project. Within about 20 months, he developed the design of four sculptures for the "Fountain of Radiology" in Fulda - from the idea to the objects of the material search and the sculptural and artistic processing of the sculptures. The work was almost done in his studio in Pietrasanta, Italy.
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Studio David Campbell
Loheland 2, 36093 Künzell
Tel. 0163-9643496

Via Botteghino 2
55040 Fabbiano, Lu, Italia
telefono 0039 0584 – 773233

USA phone 347-624-1611

David Campbell is a painter and sculptor with a wide range of colors and shapes. His sculptures impress with apparent ease and vitality. His drawings, prints and paintings surprised by new forms of expression and technical variations.

Its aim is twofold - firstly, he wants a unique, perfect to create unique, on the other he wants to replicate his art to make them come alive for a broad audience. In this seeming contradiction, he moves with a great experimentation and almost childlike need for his work in new contexts always ask.

He walks with large, watchful eyes of the world and still takes his neighborhood to true in the smallest details into it. Consider also your surroundings with the fresh look of a man who wants to see more than the usual. And do not be surprised if every now and then - appears in the most unlikely moments - a sculpture of David Campbell's in your mind's eye as she was in the area that you see just real going on.